Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sports results/ popularity graphs

Blog viewers,
I have a special blog explaining heaps about sport. The main interest in this post is soccer/football because of my blog name. The Barclay premier league is the largest major soccer tournament ever, But only including the most talented English teams. If you have heard of Steven Gerrard, Christiano Ronaldo or Thiery Henry (TT-ee-rr-yy OO-nn-rr-yy) they all play/played in this soccer league. The crowds average popularity is estimated 40-80 thousand people per match, just to see the genius ability of these footballers (meaning why this is the most recognised and famous sport).

Friday, March 6, 2009

Favourite artist

I dont really have a favourite artist but one style of painting I do happen to have affection for splat paintings. They would be very enjoyable to paint and I reckon they have an effective look, and very simple to plan your draft of how your going to create your painting/design. full size image