Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My future in a decade

Im not sure if this will be true but when I am 18- 22 years of age I would love to be a talented football player in a challenging and popular league. I am falling behind on skill for my age level but i know if i practice every day i could catch up and maybe be better than most advance players. This will include minumum practice a day of 30 mins (It will be a challenge). For example Michael Owen got more interested in soccer at age 14 and that drew him away from rugby, and look how famous he is now. Just got assigned to manchester united (in the premier league). But he is not my role model...

Ronaldinho and robinho are both my role models because of their determination as little kids in football. Because as kids they both grew up in poor cities but that did not stop them and i'm struggling as a kid now.

I am hoping with my fingers crossed that this dream will be a success Because i want this so much.

But if this dream does go the complete opposite way and my sports dream is over i would also love to be a vet. You have to be very smart, wise and choose what option to use on the animals. I would search and discover more ideas for animal purposes. One reason i would love to have this job is because i adore wildlife animals and forests and would hate to see wildlife animals die.

I wouldnt mined either of the jobs but i would prefer football but give money to sponsers of wildlife.

(a doctor sounds awesome to)

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